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Our Story

Our story begins in Peterborough, ON. 


My wife and I raised our three daughters and one son in Peterborough. Our kids first went to Pearson Daycare, then to Otonabee Valley, King George, Armour Heights, Thomas A. Stewart, and Trent University.

Our eldest daughter lives outside of Peterborough and is a Branch Manager for RBC Bank. Our second eldest daughter, a Professor, lives in Peterborough but commutes to work in Toronto. Our son lives in Peterborough, works at TD Bank and attends Trent University. All of our daughters are married, but our youngest daughter, whom is part owner of Kidz PlayLand, has blessed our lives with two beautiful grandsons both born at Peterborough Regional Health Center. All but one of our children have stayed in Peterborough because we not only have a tight-knit family, but also because Peterborough is home; and Home is where the Heart is!

After having two children, my daughter and her husband found there were few FUN places to take their children. They often traveled outside of Peterborough to Toronto for an afternoon of fun. But this process proved to be extremely exhausting. My daughter and son-in-law approached me with this business idea and said "an indoor playground is desperately needed in Peterborough". 

At that time, I was working, and had been working for GE for close to 15 years, but had recently received a notice stating that they were shutting down operations and closing their doors. I decided to retire, but I was not fully ready to 'hang up my jacket'. I was determined to keep busy, so I agreed to go into business with my daughter and son-in-law. We purchased the building and began working on this playground since the summer 2018. Our Grand Opening was held on Thursday March 21st 2019 at 9am.


We want to THANK Peterborough and the surrounding communities for their warm welcome into the business community. For us, Kidz PlayLand represents Family, Community and Home. Please come by with your families to our Locally Owned Family Business! 

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